10 Signs You Are In A Bad Relationship

10 Signs You Are In A Bad Relationship

Many people go through hell in a relationship but only realize it when they have broken up with the person. Relationships are full of challenges but it all depends on how you face them or handle them. Some people remain slaves in a relationship because they just can’t recognize a bad union and walk away. They are some signs which can’t be overlooked. The more you keep ignoring those signs, the more you wallow in pains. These bad reactions can affect you negatively and may sometimes lead to high blood pressure due to the trauma you go through. In this article, we will go through 10 signs you are in a bad relationship.

1) Constant jealousy

When you are madly in love with someone, you might feel jealous and threaten when you see your lover hanging out with others. This can become unhealthy when someone reacts out of proportion. If your partner constantly fights you for texting, hanging without with friends or going out to have fun, then you just might have received a green light. Some might even go to the extent of accusing you of cheating on them just because they feel insecure when you hang out with people whom they feel are better than them. This simply means your partner doesn’t trust you. If you feel like your partner always stalks you or behaves as if he owns you, then its time to walk away. You can’t be with someone who constantly looks for reasons to doubt you.

2) Always apportions blames on you

Dating someone who always blames you for all the negative things happening to them is so annoying and disgusting. It is a call for consent if you notice that your partner always heaps blames on you even when you are not responsible for their predicaments. Some people are just too good at transferring aggression on others. If they had a bad day at work, someone has to suffer for it, if they are experiencing a financial setback, someone has to feel their pain. Some people even resort to physical violence. If you notice this unhealthy behavior in your partner, then you are in a bad relationship.

3) No trust in you

Some people are scared of trusting again maybe because of their past painful experiences. Some of them were betrayed by the people they love and trust. Due to that, they completely block their minds and refuse to trust again to avoid being hurt or walking through that painful path again. Being with a person who does not trust you can be unbearable. If he/she does not believe anything you say or do, accuses you of telling lies, then that union is not good for you. It is time to have a rethink.

4) You fight a lot

Every couple has their differences and as such, they may fight or quarrel. In the case where the fighting becomes too frequent, or you guys fight over every little thing, then it might be because you are not compatible with each other. As time goes on in a relationship, couples get to know and understand each other better, thus less fighting and quarreling. If time goes on and you keep fighting all the time, it simply means your relationship is regressing instead of growing.

5) Repeated lies telling

Lies telling is a relationship killer. You should date someone who tells you the truth no matter what. It is better to open up to your partner than to conceive lies. That is a very dishonest behavior. The truth is always a bitter pill to swallow but its better to be honest. You might be scared that telling your partner the truth might hurt him/her but telling the truth saves you from guilt and the troubles of carrying the truth in your heart.

6) You feel much better when they are not beside you

Everyone enjoy that priceless moment when they spent some time alone. It is undeniable that many people love their me-time. If you start noticing that you are avoiding your partner and you don’t enjoy spending time with him/her anymore, then you are gradually losing interest in them. You start feeling much better when they leave or they become boring to you. It signifies that you no longer enjoy their company or you have lost interest in them.

7) You solve your issues by having sex

Using sex as a way of solving your problems and misunderstandings is an irresponsible approach. When you guys have problems, you need to have a decent conversation rather than using sex to solve that. If you notice that each time your partner wrongs you, he/she instead tries to seduce and have sex with you, then its a red flag.

8) Always being extra careful not to upset your partner

Some people set rules for their partners. By doing that, they put you in a constant state of fear. You worry about every little thing. You can’t talk without editing words in your mind just because you are scared of saying something that might get them upset. You can’t make your own decisions without them validating them for you. You even start avoiding them because nothing you do seems to be right. They always look for one reason or the other to criticize you. All of that is not worth it. If you start experiencing that, then its time to leave. This is one of the 10 signs you are in a bad relationship.

10 Signs You Are In A Bad Relationship

9) You no longer give a damn about anything

At the very beginning of a relationship, everything is always good and exciting. But as time goes on, some people lose their motivation. They no longer see reasons to continue. Some people lose interest because they have fallen out of love with their companion or they can no longer cope with their bad behavior. At that moment, both partners are fed up with each other, but no one wants to pull the plug and terminate the relationship.

They are waiting for their partner to do so. So they start acting funny. They no longer care about anything you do or say. Whether you treat them right or wrong is none of their business. You don’t care if they keep late nights and come back drunk. You are not even interesting in knowing who they were hanging out or flirting with. Nothing bothers you. If your relationship has reached that level of not caring anymore, then its time to walk away. It all boils down to the fact that you are no longer interested in them.

10) He/she controls you

Many people who control others hardly accept that they are wrong. They always think that they know everything. They find every little thing to criticize about you and dictate everything you have to do. They do not give suggestions, they impose their decisions on you and force you to flow with it. You might think that your partner behaves in that way because he/she wants the best for you or wants you to be a better person. That is not always the case. If you notice that your partner gives you restrictions on the people you talk to, the people you hang around with, without any valid justification, then its a red flag. Some even go as far as telling you not to communicate with a family member or friend anymore.

Never neglect any of these 10 signs you are in a bad relationship. If you notice any of the signs, you should talk with your lover and explain to them you are not comfortable with it and see how you both can resolve your differences. If he/she completely refuses to change, then its time to terminate the union.


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