14 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

14 signs your girlfriend is cheating on you

14 signs your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Are you suspecting your girlfriend of cheating on you? You are going to learn about the 14 signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you. This signs can help you detect this immoral act. In the case where you notice any of these signs then it’s better you have a heart to heart conversation with her. As I just said, cheating isn’t a moral act since the 1990’s the rate of unfaithful women has increased by 40% so why do women do it? Well, research shows that intimacy fears, lack of sexual satisfaction, loneliness and financial issues are the most common reasons.

Being in a relationship is a two-way street. What you put into it is what you generally will get back, but there are times where it can be lopsided and this is when cheating tends to occur. After you get the rundown of the warning signs, your girlfriend is cheating on you, I will be providing you with some helpful ways you can avoid this and maintain a healthy relationship with your girlfriend. Now let’s explore the 14 signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

1) You no longer act as a team.

There is nothing more beautiful than an independent woman. For many years, women have fought to get equal rights and they will do everything in their power to keep them, but when you’re in a committed relationship, you have to learn to start working as a team. If you and your girlfriend were once a team but you now notice she is going back to her independent ways, this could be a sign that she is planning on replacing or leaving you.

2) She points out every flaw.

No one is perfect and as such everyone is bound to make mistakes. But if you notice that she’s been pointing out every flaw of yours, she might be trying to give herself some fuel to break up with you. She may also be trying to make it seem that the reason she’s breaking up with you is because of all the flaws she is pointing out. This is a common red flag that indicates that she is cheating on you.

3) Constantly wondering where you are.

You might think it’s sweet that your girlfriend wants to know what your plans are for the day, but there is a chance that she’s only doing that to monitor your movements. By doing that she is being extra careful not to bump into you. If your girlfriend wants to know about your whereabouts at all time, then she might be cheating or planning to do that.

4) Dismissive.

If your girlfriend was always good at listening to you, and all of sudden she begins to be very dismissive, it might be a red flag that you are beginning to bore her. She might ignore or disregard even questions that you ask her. If she constantly begins to exercise that behavior, it might be a cheating clue.

5) Late nights at work

It is paramount for your girlfriend to be supportive. It might entail her working hard, spending extra hours at work. However, it becomes a big problem if late nights become too frequent. Pay attention to how often she works or goes on business trips. She might claim to be spending more time at work but if she was never much of a workaholic before, this could indicate she is spending those extra hours out of the office after all. It may be that she is avoiding you or has found something or someone that is more important in her life.

6) She stops opening up.

If your girlfriend persistently refuses to open up to you then she might be opening up to someone else. It simply means she has found someone she feels more comfortable opening to.

7) She has many new friends.

There is nothing wrong with having a large social circle. If you notice that she has been making new friends and refuses to introduce you to them, it might be a red flag. She is definitely hiding something from you. This could be a sign that she’s trying to move to a different crowd that has no association with you.

8) Trouble in the bedroom.

Healthy sex life is paramount in an intimate relationship. It doesn’t mean that you must show your love and affection through sex every day. However, if there is a lack of sexual activity, then there might be a problem. Relationships are not beds of roses, they come with their own ups and downs. You should be mindful of that fact. If your girlfriend has no interest in being intimate with you, then she might be getting her satisfaction from someone else.

Provided that every time you make a move and she keeps giving excuses like I am tired, I have a headache, and it happens a lot, the chances are she is sleeping with someone else. Supposing that the person you are with is not sleeping with you, they are sleeping with someone else. Experiencing a stale sex life in a relationship may be a sign that she is cheating on you.

9) Her phone gets all the attention

Social media is a good means to communicate with your partner especially when you are not together. But it’s not a good idea to keep using your phone when you guys are together. Your partner may not interpret it well, it may be that he/she is boring. If your girlfriend keeps using her phone frequently than usual when you guys are together, then there is a change is cheating on you or she is losing interest in you.

10) Complete makeover

If your girlfriend suddenly gets a complete makeover it may be a red flag. She might be trying to get attention from someone else. The complete makeover can include buying new clothes frequently, fresh new hairstyle, doing serious workouts, wearing perfume every time she leaves the house. She might make it look as though she is trying to look good for you.

11) She’s hiding things.

Everyone likes to have personal space when it comes to certain things. Having a password on your phone doesn’t necessarily mean you are hiding things. It just means you don’t like people invading your privacy. However, if she becomes too defensive about her phone or tablet, there might be something fishy going on. There is a high chance she is cheating on you if she constantly changes her password or she gets jumpy and tensed when you walk in on her. If you notice that at the beginning of the relationship she was comfortable using her phone beside you but now when her phone rings she literally looks like a scared cat and quickly dashes to pick the phone before you do, she is definitely cheating on you. This is one of the 14 signs your girlfriend is cheating on you.

12) She tells her man she needs space

When somebody tells you they need space without any reason, or motivation, it should be an agreement that both people have come together. If she suddenly tells you she needs space it might be because she wants to hook up with someone else.

13) She changes her plans

If she constantly starts changing her plans, there is a high chance she might be cheating on you. She might start giving excuses like I have to go back to the office, I have too much work. I can no longer see you today, I am too tired, I have a headache. If you see a constant change of plans, it might mean she is cheating on you.

14) She doesn’t care anymore

If another man is meeting your woman’s emotional needs, that means she doesn’t need you anymore. She already has somebody fulfilling her needs. So if she has lost interest even in arguing, that means she doesn’t care anymore. This is a red flag that could be indicative of a cheating girlfriend.

If any of these indicators are going on in your relationship, I feel your pain. After reading all the 14 signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you, you might be running certain scenarios through your head. Just remember that these behaviors should only be used as signs and not actual proof. You don’t want to make a big scene about something that may not be happening, but let’s take a step away from the negative aspects of a relationship and discuss how you can keep it healthy.

One of the biggest truths that can help keep your relationship healthy is to remember that men and women are different. We think differently and feel differently. So by acknowledging and understanding these differences, you can make your relationship more interesting, peaceful, and fun. What relationship doesn’t go through arguments and fights? It’s natural for couples to disagree, but what both partners need to understand is that anger is a waste of time. It makes both partners self-absorbed and prevents them from seeing the good in each other. The best way to deal with this type of anger is to give yourself some space to calm down before discussing what’s going on.

So we know that men and women are different and that anger is a relationship killer. But what about your own happiness? It may sound selfish, but you need to be happy with yourself. If your relationship is ever going to work, you might have heard this excuse that your partner is leaving you because they are unhappy with themselves. Newsflash, it’s not an excuse. It’s true, you can’t blame your partner if you are not happy with yourself. You need to take responsibility and figure out what piece is missing in your life.

If there is one thing you remember from this article, it should be this. Give what you want to get. If you want to feel understood and your relationship, you should try understanding your partner. If you want more love, try giving more love as well. Get the picture now that you know what to look for and how to prevent it. Do you think that your girlfriend is cheating on you? Do you know any other ways to maintain a healthy relationship? You can comment below.

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