9 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Relationship

mistakes that can ruin your relationship
mistakes that can ruin your relationship

Relationships are delicate. Even the most grounded of relationships can get broken. They are a range of reasons that can cause a relationship to end.  Outlined below are 9 mistakes that can ruin your relationship.

9 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Relationship

1. Holding Grudges

Forgiveness is very significant, especially in a relationship. Everyone makes mistakes so if you can’t let go even after they have apologized then you are hurting yourself. Cultivate the habit of forgiving your partner. Holding grudges is a terrible mistake that can ruin your relationship.

2. Comparing your partner or relationship with others

Looking up to other relationships to define or validate your own is unhealthy and could be a sign that you are lacking confidence in your relationship. Social media has made dating and meeting people accessible and also given people a platform to broadcast their relationships across social media. Sometimes it is difficult to stop yourself from falling into this cycle of comparison. Nevertheless, comparing your relationship to others is a toxic behavior because you may become dissatisfied and jealous for no good reason. Also, you may have unrealistic expectations. Remember there is no such thing as a perfect partner.

3. Dishonesty

Honesty is the foundation of a relationship. A relationship without honesty is bound to fail. Withholding feelings or information that is important to someone who has the right to know, affects the relationship and deprives the person of freedom of choice. Dishonesty is a mistake that can ruin your relationship.

4. Nagging

Nagging is an ultimate relationship killer. Constantly nagging your partner can lead to a host of issues within a relationship. It leads to feelings of bitterness and also causes your partner to ignore you. Consequently, it will lead to a lack of communication between you and your partner. Also, nagging brings a lot of arguments in a relationship since the couple spends time finding faults and blaming each other. And again, it sucks out the fun in a relationship since the couple feels irritated by each other. Nagging is a mistake that can ruin your relationship.

5. Disrespecting your partner

Disrespect is something unendurable in any relationship. It comes in many forms and sometimes our ideas about what is disrespectful are influenced by unrealistic expectations in a relationship and differ from one individual to another. It may include flirting with the opposite sex especially in front of your partner, always using your phone when you are with your partner, not polite to your friends or family, they don’t think they are lucky to have you.

6. Failing to apologize when you are wrong

Refusing to apologize even when you are clearly wrong is an unhealthy habit. Sorry is not the most difficult word. Some people find it so difficult to admit to their wrongdoing even when they feel bad about their actions. Cultivate the habit of always apologizing.

7. Having too many expectations

Some people have a lot of expectations in a relationship. You can not expect anyone to provide you with all the happiness you require. That is an unrealistic expectation. Having too many expectations will only lead to depression, disappointment, and anxiety. Set realistic expectations to avoid stress.

8. Cheating and infidelity

So many people can’t handle a cheating partner. Cheating has caused a lot of breakups. Knowing that your partner has cheated on you really hurts and it can leave you feeling upset and confused. It makes you ask questions like “What did I do wrong?” which traumatizes you. You deeply hurt your partner when you cheat on him or her. Avoid cheating on your partner.

9. Ignoring your partner

Ignoring your partner is a big mistake that can ruin your relationship. It’s so annoying to be ignored. Being ignored by your partner for a few days is a sure sign that your relationship is in danger. It frustrates a lot of people because you can’t even tell if your partner just needs space or they are mad at you. Ignoring your partner isn’t a good thing to do. If you have issues, confront your partner and have a decent conversation. If your partner offends you open up to them rather than avoiding them.

It is everybody’s dream to have a healthy relationship. Avoiding the mistakes outlined above can make your relationship strong and long lasting. The above mistakes will ruin your relationship, so avoid practicing them.

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