9 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

14 signs your girlfriend is cheating on you

9 Signs your girlfriend is cheating on you

Any relationship that starts on the wrong footing and for the wrong reasons will always have an issue of cheating or another 9 Signs your girlfriend is cheating on you especially when it comes to women who are more emotional and tend to act on impulse or always try to do a pay-back that still ends up with them getting hurt. 

When she’s always defensive. Girls don’t defend themselves very rapidly except they have something to hide. It’s either she is coming clean by being expressive or shy and not saying anything at all, so anything otherwise is suspicious.

When she starts being emotionally detached.Women are naturally more emotional than men especially in a relationship whether it is faked or real. When she starts emotionally detaching herself from you, that means she’s found that comfort somewhere else or with someone else. 

A girl who is demanding tends to be less demanding from you when she’s cheating. She becomes demanding and seems to understand when she never did, then her demands are being fully granted somewhere else cause one doesn’t just change overnight and it takes a lot effort and time for a person to change.

When she starts keeping secrets and always fidgeting unnecessarily. Some women are very good at keeping secrets but secrets that have to do your relationship is always visible no matter what. When she’s keeping secrets which have to do with her cheating, She’ll start being a little more uncomfortable around you or asking questions trying to find out if you have suspicions.

When she starts being reluctant to get involved with anything about the relationship. Relationships are like a part-time job in the life of a person and women always take it more seriously than men do and so she starts feeling reluctant to help make the relationship progress, then she’s cheating cause she’s looking for an appropriate time to end it.

When there’s less communication from her.Communication in a relationship doesn’t just automatically stop that’s if there was any, to begin with. When she stops confiding in you or the rate at which she used to confide in you reduces, then something is wrong.

When she becomes more forgetful of the important things in the relationship. Women hardly forget important things like dates and so on in a relationship except that the level which used to matter don’t matter anymore cause she has shifted or changed preferences and is thinking of something else out of the relationship.

When she’s always distracted and doesn’t pay much attention to you or anything going on in the relationship then she’s cheating. It’s not easy dealing with two serious relationships at the time and treats them with the same focus and interests. All the focus, attention and interests that is exercised in the first relationship will drastically reduce once there is a second one in the picture.

Women are more emotional when it comes to sex, so when she’s sexually distracted, then she’s cheating. Sex with emotion and sex without emotion is very evident as to the fact that sex with emotion (true emotions) feels more intense and more comforting as compared to sex without emotion.


These signs may not be the exact case for all relationships but they are the most common when it comes to women and their relationship activities.

A lot of questions might run through your mind after reading these signs. Keep in mind that these are only signs, not actual proof that she is seeing someone else. Take time to critically analyze the situation before confronting her otherwise you will just be raising a false alarm.

One of the biggest truths that can help keep your relationship healthy is to remember that men and women are different. Anger makes both partners self-absorbed and prevents them from seeing the good in each other. The best way to deal with this type of anger is to give yourself some space to calm down before discussing what’s going on.



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