Being Dumped For Someone Else Hurts So Badly


Being dumped for someone is a very ugly thing to go through. You feel betrayed and heart-broken. It leaves you with a lot on your mind, so many thoughts creep in. People walk out of relationships due to many reasons ranging from infidelity, falling out of love, not being able to juggle the whole thing with other things going on in their lives. But all these reasons can’t be compared with rejection in favor of another person.

Breakups as a whole come with a lot of pain but it is exceedingly more painful when you discover that your boyfriend/girlfriend chose another person over you. I know people who confided in me that they wanted to leave their partners but they were rather dumped before they could do so. This got them pissed off. During these heartbreaking moments, you tend to worry about the reasons you got rejected. You begin to ask a lot of questions. Where did I go wrong? What did I do to deserve this? The process of picking our broken pieces or mending our heart is usually not easy. 

You will feel hurt

In this period of misery, it is normal to feel a lot of pain. Some people may resort to taking drugs or alcohol to help forget their misery. Instead of taking that approach, instead, give yourself time to grieve. During this period engage in interesting activities that make you happy.  

Do not beg your ex to reconsider

It is not easy to cope with rejection. You were belittled, disrespected, and above all betrayed. It hurts so badly. Irrespective of the reason never beg your ex to come back to you.

You will feel resentful

Being revengeful will not solve the issue. Do not go around fighting with your ex. Instead, forgive them and free your mind from such burdens.

You will miss your ex

Of course, you will remember all the wonderful moments you shared. In every relationship, they are always those unforgettable moments. You can’t completely erase such wonderful memories from your mind so fast. 

Accept the Role you played

You might be the reason why your partner left you. Maybe your behavior, your lifestyle, the way you talk to him/her. Before heaping all the blame on your partner, take out time to reflect. 

Do not compromise your values

 evaluate yourself and come up with your flaws, ask these questions to yourself. Am I ready to change just to suit someone else? Why do I want to compromise my values for him/her? Is he/she worth all these sacrifices? Consider all of this before taking your decisions.

Take a break from social media

If you can’t take a break from social media, you unfriend or block them. Don’t try to find out what is going on in their lives. Avoid looking at their photos with the person who replaced you

Remain positive

Many people have experienced rejection and disappointment, you are not alone in this. Don’t give up on yourself. Be optimistic and remain positive. Even though being dumped for someone else hurts, meet people and focus on more exciting things. 

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