How To Break Up With Someone Nicely

How to breakup with someone nicely
How to breakup with someone nicely

Have you been wondering on how to break up with someone nicely? Then this article is for you. At the very beginning of a relationship, everything is exciting and amazing. As time goes on, love begins to fade and that excitement begins to die down. It takes hard work, patience, perseverance, love, and trust to keep a union from dying. People break up for various reasons. Some people fall out of love with their partner or they fall in love with someone else, some can’t cope with the misunderstandings in the relationship. A lot of people find it daunting to break up with a lover. Mixed feelings always arise during such moments. You have a lot of questions popping up in your mind and you are in total confusion.

This is because they can’t summon the courage to do so or they just don’t want to hurt the other. Some people prefer to wallow in sorrow than to break up with someone. If you notice that you have lost interest in the union or it is no longer moving, then it’s time to bid farewell. There is no need to delay the inevitable. Avoiding or prolonging the break up will only inflict more pain on the victim. There are some bad levels that when a relationship reaches, you can say it is on life support. At that point, both partners are fed up and they are waiting for the other person to pull the plug.

There is no need being in a romantic association with someone when you are not happy. A breakup is never something pleasant especially to the person who was dumped. It is difficult to say a final farewell to your partner without hurting them. In as much as the breakup always comes with pain, they are ways to break up with a lover in a less painful way. However, there are approaches to mitigate this pain. In this article, we will be looking at advice on how to break up with someone nicely without being unnecessarily nasty and mean.

How To Break Up With Someone Nicely

1. Give genuine reasons

You should give genuine reasons while breaking up with someone. He/she deserves to know the actual reasons why you want to dump them. Even if you don’t give reasons, you will be asked to explain your reasons. Do not leave them with endless unanswered questions in their minds. You should have a decent conversation like adults. Leaving the relationship means you have realized that it is not working, so you can’t continue. It could be due to the filthy habits of your partner which you can no longer endure. Just be clear and straight forward.

2. Meet face to face

Being in a relationship with someone means you guys have shared a lot. You guys have shared good and bad times, you were so close to each other. Just because you are breaking up with them doesn’t mean you are enemies. This simply means you are not compatible with each other. It will be a very bad idea to end the union by text. It is better to meet them and discuss one on one with them. You guys have shared a lot so it’s fundamental to be physically present. Meet in person and have a decent conversation in a quiet place. In the case where you are scared he/she will react by physically harming you, meet in a public place like a park, bar or restaurant.

3. Try not to promise a friendship

Before you opt for a break up you should make up your mind. You should be sure of your decision. If you have made up your mind to leave, then stick to it. Do not go about promising friendship just because you feel pity for the person or you think it will make him/her feel better. Telling your partner that you can be friends with each other might pass a run message. He/she might be hoping that one day you will change your mind. Do not offer him/her false hope. 

4. Don’t discredit the other person

Do not make it sound like the other person is to be blamed for everything. You should also acknowledge your flaws. Don’t discredit the other person because of his/her bad behavior. Tell them about the good qualities you admire in them and applaud them for it. Do not discredit him/her.

5. Be honest 

Many people are scared of opening up during breakup. They are scared of hurting their partner more if they know the truth. Even though the truth is usually a bitter pill to swallow, it is important to be honest. A lot of people will appreciate the fact that you are being honest to them rather than lying. 

7. Get your timing right

Choose your timing wisely. It won’t be fair if you break up with someone when he/she is sick or bereaved. Leaving someone on their birthday or a very special event in their life is a wicked thing to do. Put yourself in their shoes. If someone does that to you how will you feel? You shouldn’t behave in a hardhearted manner. You should be considerate.

8. Don’t blame anyone

Do not apportion blames on anyone irrespective of who is at fault. Pointing fingers at each other will not help the situation. Just state the reasons clear enough so that you are understood.

9. Do not disrespect

Have a decent conversation and show respect to him/her. Speak to them with respect. Think about how will feel if you were in their shoes. The above points will help you break up with someone nicely.



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