I Didn’t Know I Was The Other Woman

I was the other woman

As the same old story goes, a man meets a woman and they fall in love with each other. I called it love at first sight. I still can’t forget the moments he will look at me straight into my eyes and tell me he loves me and I am the only woman in his life. When I met this man I knew I had found the perfect guy, the man of my dreams. I was so attracted to him. He was so cute, he had a great personality, he had a good job. Also, he was so caring and was incredibly sweet when I was with him. He treated me like a queen and told me all the lies I wanted to hear. Little did I know I was the other woman.

All along I thought I was the only woman till I later found out I was just his mistress. He was married with a kid and his wife lived in another city. All along he told me he was single. Immediately I found out he was married, I broke up with him. I felt betrayed, manipulated and most of all I felt so stupid because I could not read the signs on the wall. It was a bitter pill to swallow. The worst of all is that he kept assuring me that he was going to marry me. He even proposed to me. It sounds crazy, right? How did I allow myself to be used to the extent of wearing an engagement ring from someone’s husband?

One of the things that gave me confidence was the fact that he introduced me to his friends and all of them flowed with his lies. None of them ever told me he was married. What did I expect, of course, they will always take sides with their friend. I would never accept to date a married man. I am not the kind of person who will get into a relationship as the other woman. I have my values and I dislike dishonesty. I keep blaming myself for not being smart enough to uncover his lies, but this guy sure knows how to play his cards. I always spent weekends at his place, we went out for vacations but never for once did I see anything that could implicate him.

Never did I even see a picture of his wife at his place. The only suspicious thing I can remember was him traveling every after two months to another city. Each time I asked he will say he goes there to visit his parents and he will always send me pictures of him and his parents. So I believed him.Little did I know that he was spending quality time with his adorable wife and kid.

We continued enjoying the relationship until when he started behaving strangely. He hardly called or picked my calls. Each time I call he will say he is busy and that he will call me back, which he never did. He hardly replied to my messages. So one day I decided to surprise him. To my greatest dismay, I meet a lady in the house and she said she was his wife. Tears ran down my cheeks. He stood there looking at me and he didn’t utter a word. I was fooled, betrayed by someone I trusted.

Though I ditched him, I was already marked as the homewrecker. I confided in a friend and before I knew it my story was everywhere. People assumed I knew he was married and I went ahead to date him. This changed the way people saw me. I often wonder if there was anything I could have done to stop this. Just because a woman ended up dating a married man does not mean that she is supportive of the idea. Sometimes we are just victims.

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