I Pulled The Trigger On My Wife And My Best Friend

I Pulled The Trigger On My Wife And My Best Friend

Hello mylovearena, I will keep my identity anonymous while sharing my story. It’s about how I pulled the trigger on my wife and my best friend. It’s hard to believe, it still sounds like a dream to me. I called her my queen, my life, my everything. We were so happy together. Our family was the best with two lovely kids to crown it all. She was so intelligent, humble, God-fearing, beautiful. I just can’t find words to describe her. I provided everything she wanted, our children went to the best school in town. What more could I ask for? Our union was just the best, it was made in heaven.

I owned my own company, money was not an issue. My company kept on growing and I had many business deals which entailed that I travel at least once a month. I explained that to my lovely wife and she reasoned with me. We were always engaged in video calls whenever I was on business trips. We understood each other so well. I thought she was an angel, little did I know that she was a wolf in sheep clothing. I got the greatest shock of my life when I caught my wife in bed with my best friend. It all happened on a fateful day I had a business meeting with a client in another city.

I was supposed to spend three days there. Luckily for me, everything went well and I got the contract on the first day. I decided to take a flight to surprise my wife. When I got home I got the shock of my life. I caught my wife and my best friend on our matrimonial bed shamelessly committing adultery. They were so busy that they didn’t even realize that I was there. A lot of thoughts came to my mind. Should I strangle them with my bare hands? Should I walk away as though nothing happened? I was so agitated that I had little time to think.

I had always struggled with anger management, I always lose it when am mad. So I acted without even thinking. I quickly headed for my gun and confronted them. My wife couldn’t even face me. She was shedding crocodile tears begging for forgiveness. My best friend, on the other hand, was on his knees dying of guilt. I was deeply hurt that I had no time to think. All their pleas fell on deaf ears. I pulled the trigger on my wife and my best friend. I shot both of them on their legs and watched them bleed, thinking that will make me feel better, but it didn’t. Instead, I felt pity for them and quickly called an ambulance.

They were rushed to the hospital and the made it. After they recovered y wife came home. I couldn’t see her as my wife anymore, neither did I see her as someone I could live under the same roof with. So I asked her to leave my house and prepare to meet me in court for the divorce. She left my house. Two weeks later my wife came to take her kids telling me I am not their biological father. I couldn’t believe it. We went for a DNA test and it was confirmed that I and the children are not related by blood. I felt like taking my own life.

What was I living for? I lost my wife and kids, I was left with nothing. I cursed the day I met that woman. She turned out to be the devil herself. I just had to gather the broken pieces of my life and move on. There was nothing I could do to change the situation. 

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