I Regret Waiting For Him

i regret waiting for him

I regret waiting for him. Relationships come with ups and downs. There are times when you are happy, sad, or experience hard times. Dealing with a situation where one of the partners has to relocate to another country is a bitter pill to swallow. The biggest challenge most people face is to decide whether to wait or move on with their life. I made my own decision to wait for my lover but it turned out bad. And I realized that I made the worse decision of my life. I dated my high school sweetheart for 6 good years and it didn’t end up well for me.

We were deeply in love with each other and were called love birds right from school. We did everything together. I called him my best friend, my playmate, my everything. He showed me so much love. He adored and valued me. I was treated like a queen and I felt special each time I was around him. I never for once doubted his feelings for me because he never gave me a reason to. He was always by my side. He supported me and always gave me advice.
My problems were his problems. We were so much in love that we never dreamt of separating. Our parents already knew about us.

The whole drama started when he had to travel to another country to further his studies. I felt like my world was crumbling. I kept asking myself how I was going to cope. Someone who has always been by my side, leaving just like that. I was so devastated but he tried to convince me telling me he will come back for me. He told me he was fighting for our future. That he wanted to make it big in life so that he will treat me like the queen that I am. His parents even spoke to me and begged me to reason with their son. I pulled myself together and reasoned with them though it wasn’t easy for me. The time finally came and he traveled.

I missed him so much. Though we were always engaged in video calls, I still missed his presence around me. With time, I gradually adapted with the whole thing and life continued. I must say time flies, two years passed like 2 months and I wasn’t getting any younger. I had suitors asking for my hand in marriage but I declined since I had promised to wait for my man. My parents and friends advised me but I turned a deaf ear to their advice. I was patiently waiting for the love of my life so I remained faithful throughout the years. I was comfortable,  had a good job, everything seemed to be moving well.

One more year added and I received the greatest shock of my life. My supposed lover got married without even informing me. I later found out on social media when I saw him flaunting pictures of him and his wife.  I was so devastated and I felt so stupid. What I did to deserve this type of treatment. We were fine all along, no problems whatsoever. He went ahead to get married without even having the courtesy to explain the situation of things to me. That was just the height of betrayal. I even tried questioning him about it but he didn’t give me any explanation. He instead cut all links with me and blocked me on social media. I had to pick up the broken pieces of my life and move on. I regret waiting for him.

To some people waiting for a partner works for them but to some people, the reverse is true. I never saw this coming. As they say such is life. I regret waiting for him. I spent wasted years waiting for someone who did not finally show up.

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