The Thought Of Falling In Love Again Scares Me

The thought of falling in love scares me

The Thought Of Falling In Love Again Scares Me

Love is an awesome feeling to experience. When you find someone who loves you in the same manner that you love them, you feel happy and blessed. On the other hand, you can hate love if you suffered from heartbreak or you were betrayed. Many people who have been betrayed by someone they love tend to blame love. They say love hurts them, whereas someone who didn’t know how to love hurt them. We should stop heaping the blames on love. Love is rather kind, it does not hurt. Love makes us feel better. What hurts us is betrayal from someone, rejection, loneliness, and jealousy. Love entails patience, trust, and endurance to make it long-lasting.

The thought of falling in love again frightens me. I can’t imagine going through that ugly journey again. I just feel like the whole experience will take me down memory lane, part of my life I don’t want to revisit. It’s like scraping an unhealed wound in my heart. Each time I think of falling in love, I feel like history will repeat itself. I am not ready to through that ugly experience again. I was deeply hurt by someone I loved and trusted with all my heart.

I’m so scared to love again. The thought of giving my heart to someone who might rough handle it scares the hell out of me. Even when I try to come out of my shell and test the waters, I always sense danger and run back in. Yes, I am an emotional person. Each time I meet someone I like, it does not take me much time to fall madly in love with the person. So it hurts me so much when I get betrayed or dumped. I have been in a couple of relationships. I have watched my life crumble to my face just because I find it difficult to handle disappointments.

It’s so hard for me to be optimistic about future relationships. I don’t want my past to repeat itself. I know it no longer makes sense because I am magnifying the whole thing. The bitter truth is that I still feel hurt. I am not able to let the pain go. It is not easy for me. I feel like the wounds are still very fresh in my heart. The memories of the empty promises that were made still ring a bell in my heart. I am tired of getting the same words all the time. I will never leave you. If you leave me I will die. I just can’t stand these words anymore. I have experienced so many failures that I no longer believe in long-lasting love.

I still can’t figure out a way of preventing my pasts from influencing my present life. Even when I find someone that I like, I already start making self-fulfilling prophecies. I already fill my mind with negative thoughts, knowing that nothing good will come out of it. Deep in me, I know this person won’t be different. They will break my heart like the others. I know conceiving negative thoughts all the time is a filthy habit but I just can’t help myself. I have completely lost trust in everyone. I find it so difficult to rebuild trust once it has been lost.

I wish I could face my fears. As days go by, I keep consoling myself that I will get over it but the reverse seems to be true. I instead become more and more pessimistic. When will I become confident and hopeful about the future? I am always expecting everything to go wrong.

The Thought Of Falling In Love Again Scares Me

I just feel like the risk is not worth it. Before getting into a relationship, you are aware of the two outcomes. Either you remain in the relationship forever or you break up. Are you ready to do what it takes to keep a relationship alive? How about getting over a heartbreak? Both situations are horrifying to me. I personally think that the risks involved outnumber the benefits.

I am so scared to love again. I turn a blind eye and a deaf to all the people knocking at my door, begging for a chance in my life. Unfortunately, I can’t open my eyes to see anything good in them. Even when I summon the courage to go on a date with someone, I end up freaking out and canceling the date without any justification. I am tired of falling in love and breaking my heart. I am guarding and protecting my heart against that. I am tired of expecting people to make me happy. Indeed the best way to be sad is to expect others to make you happy. I am sick and tired of expecting so much from people but always end up being frustrated. You entrust your heart to someone and what you get in return is a betrayal.

Deep in me, I struggle to let go of this fear that has eaten me up.The thought of falling in love scares me. I know with time I will get over it. I just need to change my mindset and be more optimistic. I will take my time to accomplish that. I will not let society dictate to me what is good for me. Never will I let someone pressurize me to doing what I don’t want to do. I know that not everyone is the same. There are people out there who won’t hurt me or cheat on me. They are people who will not promise you things and fail in the end. I will find someone who loves and respects me. Someone who will do everything to make me happy.

I know they are a lot of people going through this. They are scared of loving again because of the terrible experiences they had in their past relationships. I know you were betrayed and you have lost trust in many. You have to fight this fear even though it is not an easy demon to battle with. You just need to be strong and courageous. Be more optimistic that you will find true love.

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