We Were Nothing- So Why Do I Miss You?

we were nothing

We were nothing but I keep on missing you. What did you do to me to make me fall madly in love with you? You have completely taken over me. I still have a clear picture of the day we met at a party. You couldn’t take your eyes off me. I sat at my spot wondering why this handsome guy was staring at me. There was something about your smile that stroke me. I also couldn’t take my eyes off your cute face. I was dying to have you by my side. You walked up to me and told me I was beautiful. I felt this inner joy in me. We sat there chatting all night about the party and we had a lot to drink.

After the party, we exchanged contacts and parted our separate ways. I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I waited for your call or text but I didn’t get any. Then I swallowed my pride and called you but your response was so discouraging. I was the only one who was excited to talk to you.Why do I keep missing you when you don’t even miss me. How on earth do I keep begging for attention but not getting any? Why did you raise my hope and then walk away like nothing ever happened? For crying out loud you approached me first.

It would have been better if we didn’t meet at all. You played games with my emotions and then disappeared without saying a word. Why do I keep missing you? I spend sleepless nights waiting for you to pick my calls or reply my messages all to no avail. I spent time trying to look more beautiful and attractive for you but you turn a blind eye to me. You made me question my looks. I did everything to draw your attention but all my effort proved abortive. I gave you the green light but you ignored all of that.

All I wanted was a chance for us to know each other better. I wanted to be with you. An opportunity to get closer but you kept your distance. My heart was yearning for you. I had fallen head over heels in love with you. I kept getting this burning desire to have you by my side. How is it even possible to miss someone who doesn’t give a shit about you, someone who doesn’t even care about you?

I know that we were nothing. We were not friends, neither were we in any sort of relationship. But I just can’t control the feeling. It hurts so much to be in love alone. Nothing is worse than begging for someone’s attention. They are some people who are just not meant for you. Life is unfair and will never be fair. My dreams were for you to reciprocate my love for you. I just have to let go. I deserve to be treated better. It is not ideal to beg someone to love you back. There is someone out there who will love and appreciate me. Someone who will treat me like a queen.

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