What Makes A Man Want To Marry You

what makes a man want to marry you
what makes a man want to marry you

Ever asked yourself what makes a man want to marry you? Every girl’s dream is to walk down the aisle with the man she loves. But sometimes, it proves difficult for your man to propose to you. Ever wondered how to make him put a ring on your finger? But how do you go from just being a random girl to actual wife material? In this article we will discuss about what makes a man want to marry you.

What Makes A Man Want To Marry You?

Regularly give him space

There are moments in our lives when we just one to be alone and have our personal space. Every guy values his ‘me’ time. If you give him space, he will value you and see you as wife material.

Trust your man

Absence of trust is detrimental to a relationship. Every guy appreciates a woman who trusts him. It’s a bad idea to spy on your boyfriend. Allow him to go out and have fun with his friends. Also, don’t keep calling him when he is out. In effect, he will see you as a trustworthy person.

Be sexually pleasing

Doing the same things over and over can make sex boring. Sex is essential in a relationship with commitment since it maintains a level of intimacy. Don’t allow your partner to be the only person initiating sex. He may think you are not really into it and it might turn him off. Get to know what your partner loves in bed and learn new tricks to surprise him.

Be comfortable in your own skin

No man wants to be with a woman who doubts and criticizes herself. Be comfortable walking around him in the morning with no makeup and no clothes. Embrace your body and make him realize that he is so fortunate to have you.

Don’t act out

It is normal to fight and get through tough times in a relationship. He needs somebody who is understanding and can go through tough times in marriage. When you have a misunderstanding, do not act. Rather remain calm and express your feelings to him. This will level up the understanding and connection in your relationship.

Take care of him

In a sound relationship, both partners do their best to take care of each other. Take good care of your man and make him feel complete being with you.

Be his biggest fan

Get to know his passion and support him. Always be there to encourage your man every step of the way. When he realizes that you drive him to accomplish a lot of wonderful things, he wouldn’t want to let you go.

Don’t put pressure on him

It’s definitely not a good idea to mount pressure on a guy to marry you. If you keep doing this, it might scare him off. When a guy hasn’t even proposed to you, and you constantly keep talking about your fantasy wedding, it might freak him out. Avoid putting him under pressure.

Add value to his  life

No man wants to be with a woman who doesn’t add any value to his life. If you make him have any idea that you are a liability to him, he might not put a ring on your finger. Be self-sufficient and he will see you as wife material.

Practice humility

Humility is a great factor to boost your connection with your partner. Being humble doesn’t lower your confidence and self-esteem. Humility simply means you recognize the reality that you are not in every case right and you can put your ego under control. Men love women who are humble.

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