Why do married people cheat?

why do married people cheat
why do married people cheat

Why do married people cheat?

We know that some people cheat on their spouses, the question is why do married people cheat? People cheat for various reasons. Discovering that your partner has cheated on you is shocking and emotionally devastating. You are always left asking: why? This article intends to cover the reasons why married people cheat.

1. Lack of sexual satisfaction in your marriage

This is the most well-known motivation behind why married people cheat. Marriage becomes boring in the case that you don’t improve your sex life. A marital sex problem can lead to deep dissatisfaction and disappointment. This can cause your spouse to cheat. Sexual fulfillment is fundamental for a healthy marriage.

2. Dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction in a marriage is a major factor that can make your life partner cheat on you. A lot of people usually set unrealistic expectations for their marriages. Years later when the marriage doesn’t live up to their expectations, they end up feeling disappointed. Dissatisfaction prompts a decrease in intimacy and can lead to cheating.

3. Feeling unappreciated and neglected

The feeling of not being appreciated can lead to cheating. When one partner feels neglected and rejected, and however doesn’t want to separate, cheating is by all accounts the most ideal approach to get the attention they need.

4. Revenge

A few people cheat on their partner just to settle the score with them for cheating or simply being mad after a fight.

5. For physical sex

Some married people cheated on their partner for no other reason than the fact that they needed to engage in sexual intercourse.

6. Withholding sex from your partner for a long time

Holding back sex from your spouse for a significantly long period of time is like holding them hostage. It becomes a big problem when one person wants sex but the other keeps refusing. A sexless marriage can cause misery. Being sex-starved can push someone to cheat.

7. Absence of emotional satisfaction in your marriage

Having a companion that can satisfy your emotional needs leaves you with a sentiment of happiness and contentment. When your spouse can’t meet this need, you feel unsatisfied and frustrated and this can lead to cheating.

8. Adventure

Some people may cheat because they are searching for adventure and fun. The illicit idea of cheating is a go on to certain individuals.

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